We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather we are having and took a ride up the White River Road.  The road starts off paved and has a few nice pullout areas where you can see the river.  We were looking for fish spawning but were told later that we missed it by a few days.  The colors were so amazing; bright reds and spectacular yellows.  You hit a gravel road once you get to Tall Timbers Camp.  We took a picture of the meadow and peaks at the camp. What incredible beauty.  We continued on to the White River Falls campground to see the falls.  This time of year the water is running low and the falls are pretty mellow.  In the spring it is a different story!  We hiked down to a pool below the falls.  My husband wants to come back next summer and swim in the pool….the water is sooo cold there is no way I am getting in.  We continued on to the end of the road and walked across the bridge.  Many great hiking trails start from this parking area.  We are fortunate to have friends who live on White River Road and they invited us in for coffee and home made cookies!  It was a glorious day.  The picture perfect Northwest day.  All of this is within a half hour of your Natapoc Lodging cabin.