I am so excited that Natapoc Lodging is celebrating its 30th year in business! Dirk and Karen Andersen started Natapoc Lodging in the spring of 1989 with the building and opening of the Kumitskoos cabin.  Over the next few years they built and opened the Mahsahwe and Tahkwa cabins.  At this time they also opened up the family cabin, Coocoochin.  The last cabin built was our honeymoon cabin, Stuchin.  Having worked for the Andersens from 1995-2005  I was very familiar with the business and was offered the opportunity in 2011 to purchase the vacation rental management when they decided to retire. Over the years we have added and removed cabins and today we have four of the original cabins and two additional beautiful cabins, Yarkin and Lupine Manor.

Natapoc Lodging is such a rewarding business as I have guests who have been coming here for upwards of 25 years.  It is such a treat to hear their stories, meet their kids and often times, grand kids and to hear how Natapoc Lodging has been such a special place in their lives.  The memories they share are priceless.  The Andersens did such an amazing job of building a thriving business based on providing first class accommodations along the Wenatchee River.  It has been an honor and a privilege to continue on their legacy.

Check out our website special and come celebrate our birthday with us.

Zelda Holgate