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Cabin Policies

Thank you for choosing Natapoc Lodging as your get-away. We will do our best to provide an enjoyable visit. If the reservation is in your name you are responsible for payment, and informing your guests regarding Natapoc rules.



Skookum Chuck Properties, LLC dba Natapoc Lodging is not liable for any injuries on the grounds or in the individual cabins. Each property is covered by the home owner’s insurance policy.


If we re-book your dates with a comparable booking we will refund your deposit less 10% or allow you to transfer your deposit, in full, to another date, cabin. If we do not re-book you will lose your deposit. Deposits will not be refunded for reasons of weather unless getting here requires travel over Stevens or Snoqualmie passes and both are closed for periods greater than 6 hours.


A deposit constitutes the minimum rate for one night of your booking and is due at the time of booking unless other arrangements are made. The balance is due 2 weeks prior to arrival unless other arrangements have been made. A fee of $30.00 will be charged on a returned check. Any collection fees will be the responsibility of the reservation holder. Deposits apply to your reservation balance and are not a separate fee.

 Lodge Minimums/Maximums

You will be charged for the minimum number per night plus any additional guests or dog unless prior arrangements have been made. 

  • Due to code requirements we cannot allow numbers greater than specified for each lodge. Outside tents, trailers, or non-registered guests are not allowed. There are exceptions but they must be pre-approved in advance.

Reservation dates

When you make your reservation we reserve the number of nights specified. If you decide not to stay for all the nights reserved our cancellation policy will apply.

  • Each Cabin has Wi-Fi.
  • All cabins are non smoking.
  • One Pet by permission only, please inquire about/read rules.
  • Reservations on a 2-day minimum or 3 or 4-day minimum on holidays unless other arrangements are made.
  • We accept Cash, Checks, VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • Deposits and Reservations
    A non-refundable deposit of first nights base rate at booking is required. Balance is due two weeks prior to stay.
  • A Payment Schedule may be set up with the first deposit amount due 10 days after confirming.
  • Reservations are taken up to one year in advance subject to rate changes.

General Rules

Natapoc Dog Rules

*Dog owners are responsible for any damage that may occur. *Dog must stay in the cabin they are registered to. *Dogs younger than 6 months or dogs not house trained are not allowed. *Dogs must be non-barkers / whiners, non-violent so as not to disturb others. *Dogs are not allowed on beds or furniture. *Dogs must be crated if left alone. *Dogs are not to be left unattended tied outside. *Dog owners must clean up dog scat unless the scat is off in the woods where people would not normally walk. *Dogs must not run loose, but must be under leash or voice control.

We love dogs but if your dog cannot follow our rules please leave him home. We do have suggested areas where dogs can be walked – run, please ask.


Natapoc is non-smoking. We do allow outside smoking only on the deck(s) using the sand filled containers. Smoking is not allowed on the grounds or at the river. If smoking does occur in the cabin or cigarette butts are found out of the sand container you will be charged as per your confirmation rules.

Outdoor Fires - Due to safety and fire codes outside fires are not allowed.

PetsPets are allowed only by advance permission; there is a daily fee. Only one dog is allowed per cabin. We sometimes make exceptions. Some breeds may be excluded.

Dog rules are sent with confirmations, please review.

Off-Road Vehildes (snowmobiles, trail bikes, etc.) - You may not use them on Natapoc property, Bretz Road or adjoining properties. There are many trails in this area but you will need to trailer.

NoiseEven though you are surrounded by open space sound does carry. Quiet time is 10 p.m. This includes hot tub noise.

Thank you for being courteous to your neighbors.

Power Outages: Chelan County PUD usually has power restored in a short time. We have equipped each cabin with a rechargeable flashlight and kerosene lamp.

All water / pumps / septic are electric so there is no water or flushing of toilets when the power is off.

Payment - Check Out: Please make arrangements with us regarding payment by calling 509-763-3313. There is no office on site. It is important that you are prompt at check out as we often have a new group coming in and must get into the cabins at 11 a.m. to get them ready.

If you would like to rebook we do go out one year only in advance.

Inside Mechanics


 If you are staying for more than five nights we will provide a bedding change.

  • Washers and dryers are for your convenience. Please use the septic approved detergent left in the cabins (1/4 cup).
  • Extra blankets are in trunks and chests. If you need additional please give us a call.

Kitchens – Baths

Please use cutting boards for all slicing and chopping. Use hot pads on counters to protect from heat.

  • We request that you keep your dishes current and your garbage in the receptacles provided; large cans are outside. Dishwashing supplies and extra garbage bags are under the sink.
  • Bathrooms are equipped with plungers and extra paper supplies. We are on septic systems, toilet paper only to flush.


The cabins do have air conditioning units to help you through the really hot days. Tahkwa has a heat pump for cooling (see directions in cabin). Fans are also left for better summer air flow. We also use the cooler evenings and mornings to keep the temperature down. Windows with screens may be left open during these periods.

When the temperature is warmer outside close windows and the logs, insulation and trees will protect the cabin from excessive heat. Cabins with window coverings (Coocoochin up bath shades) will remain cooler if these are left closed during the hot part of the day.

Fireplace burning during the summer heat will only cause the cabin to heat to an uncomfortable temperature. It takes a long time (sometimes days) to lower as the logs and other wall materials hold heat. The chimneys will not draft properly as the air outside is sometimes warmer than that inside. In order to get a draft flow you must first burn paper to heat the chimney. Do not put heavier wood on until kindling and paper is burning well. If you do it will only smolder and smoke. Open draft to start (you can tell which way by the flame) and shut once it is burning.

If you are burning in a fireplace please keep the fire enclosed behind the screen. Do not start a fire if you are not going to be there to watch it. Please use electricity for your main source of heat as wood is getting very difficult to get.

Door Locks

Cabin keys are left on the table if you wish to lock. We suggest that larger groups with people coming and going do not try and lock. When you check out please leave the door unlocked and the key on the table.

TV and DVD

  • TV System at Natapoc
  • Local Tel Basic TV stations only
  • There are some DVD selections at each cabin.
  • You can rent DVD’s at Just Plain Grocery also.

Outside Mechanics

Hot Tubs

A lot of time is spent keeping hot tubs sparkling and fresh. Tubs are serviced daily, usually in the mid-afternoon.

We use chlorine as the disinfectant in your hot tub, state health requirement. Too many people in the tub for too long can dissipate the chlorine so that none is left. If you are using the tub for an extended time with more than 4 or 5 people please call the office so that we may add more chlorine. The water usually becomes cloudy when the chlorine level has gone to zero.

Tub Suggestions: Following these suggestions will make your experience more enjoyable.

  • A shower is recommended before use.
  • Wipe your feet to keep grit out of tub.
  • Do not fill tubs with more people than suggested.
  • Children under 5 are not allowed in the tub. Medical reasons – their body temperature rises too quickly. Practical reason – they often have accidents in warm water.
  • Those who are pregnant or have heart disease are not to use hot tubs.
  • Always supervise hot tub use.
  • Keep food, beverages, candles, cigarettes/cigars away from tubs.
  • Do not bring objects into the tub.
  • Alcohol and hot tubs do not mix.
  • Read the State posted rules by your hot tub before using.

Tub Mechanics: Please read notices on outside sign and on tubs.

  • The hot tubs have an easy lid holder that you can slide the cover off onto. This keeps the cover from being torn and getting dirty. Fold one half of the cover back onto itself toward the lid holder side. Push or pull the cover off the tub onto the holder. Make sure that your cover is unbuckled.
  • The water temperature is set at 101 degrees. Please do not turn up as the tub will become too hot to use.
  • If the water level gets below the skimmer intake please notify us.
  • Turn off lights, jets and replace the cover when you are finished.
  • Do not leave the cover off between use as this can do damage to the tub and also allows dirt to enter.
  • Please be careful around the hot tub area and on any floors that may be wet. Winter ice is especially slippery.


All cabins have Gas Grills. Directions for use are written on the barbecues. Each cabin has an extra propane tank if you should run out of propane. Please turn off gas at tank valve when through.


Summer brings bugs. This is their home! The best way to protect yourself is not to invite them in. Keep doors and unscreened windows closed. They are most prevalent at dusk.

Wood Splitting:

Cabins have a splitting mall and chopping block for you to split kindling or smaller pieces for burning. Please do not use the chopping block for firewood.


Snow and ice make for slippery walking -- watch your step! Please stay away from cabin roofs as the snow slides off the roof and can be very dangerous.

Snow shovels are left for you to clear a path after a storm. Mahsahwe guests please do not shovel steps under roof overhang as this can be dangerous due to snow sliding from the roof.


Swimming - Rafting - Tubing

The river is great for a cold dip during the warmer months. Please be careful as the rocks can be very slippery.

There is a swimming beach at Lake Wenatchee just 5 miles away.

Tubing, late summer – low water and rafting are done on the upper Wenatchee River. There are many commercial rafting companies waiting to provide an adventure, either white water (early in the season) or scenic.

Flyers are left in your guest book.


Fishing is not allowed on this portion of the Wenatchee River. A current regulation book is located in the magazine basket.

Lake Wenatchee Village, 4 miles, sells equipment and licenses. They may be reached at 763-3266.

Fish Lake is heavily stocked with trout, perch, large-mouth-small-mouth bass. You may call The Cove, 763-3130 for further information. They do have boat rentals and dock fishing.

There are many smaller rivers, lakes and creeks in the area.

Hiking – Biking

There are many possibilities. Check the guest book in your cabin for maps.

Plain Loop – 3 miles – Go to the end of Bretz Road; turn left, follow the road across the bridge and follow the road right towards Plain. Turn right on Chapel Road; go across the old ‘walking’ bridge and follow the road to the right (River Road). You will come out at the fire station and should be able to retrace your steps back to Natapoc.

River Road – 6.5 miles down and then back out the same way – Go to the end of Bretz Road; turn left, take first right and you are on River Road.

Natapoc – The mountain between us and highway 2 offers many miles of old logging roads, mostly climbing, but great views. Turn right at Bretz Road and go approximately 1.5 miles turn left on Pobst Canyon.

Lake Wenatchee – 5 miles – Turn right from Bretz Road onto Beaver Valley Road and go 4 miles to stop sign. Turn left and then right into the State Park.

Cross Country Skiing

You may ski on the grounds. We do not groom trails.

Lake Wenatchee State Park, Kahler Glen Golf Course, Chiwawa River See ’n Ski Trail, Plain Hardware trails and Flying Loop 5 mile trail are all within a few miles. You will need a sno-park ticket or day pass. They may be purchased at Plain Hardware.

The Nordic Center (Stevens Pass) – fee
hotlines: 782-5516 (local) - info: 1-206-812-4510

Icicle River Trail – Ski Hill Alpine Hill – Leavenworth Winter Sports – fee

Downhill Snowboarding

Stevens Pass – 28 miles – hotlines: 782-5516 (local) – info: 1-206-812-4510

Mission Ridge – 50 miles – snoline: 663-3200 (local)


There are many choices in Leavenworth depending on the type of food you like. If you would like to know our favorites check with Zelda and Bev.

Gas & Groceries

Just Plain Groceries and Gas in Plain, 763-3462, carries a little of everything, also video rental. Dan’s Market and Safeway are in Leavenworth.

Miscellaneous Services

Plain Hardware Home & Garden has lots of fun stuff from bug spray to gift items, coffee to full lumber packages. This is the place to get the best info on trails, cycling, etc. – 763-3836.

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions. There is additional information regarding activities, maps etc. in your guest book. Feel free to call Zelda at 509-763-3313. I may not have all the answers but I will try and find them for you.


Natapoc and Lake Wenatchee Plain area maps are included. Copies are in your guest book.

Enjoy your visit and leave us your memories in the Guest Book. We receive many comments of the enjoyment others receive from reading the books.